Quick Stop: Stonehenge


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I like old stuff.

Wait … let me qualify that statement: I am fascinated with the ruins left behind by people from another time in our relatively short human history.

Why am I telling you this? Because while I was in England I needed to visit Stonehenge. I do mean NEED. Going to Stonehenge was only second to breathing oxygen.

And every time I mentioned my desire to explore this mysterious place, it impressed me how many people tried to explain why visiting the site would not be worthwhile.

“It’s far from the city,” they said.

“It’s not that exciting”.

“Your money is better spent elsewhere”.

“It will be really cold out there in winter”.

And my personal favourite: “There’s a fence around it”.

Let me just take a moment to deal with this last comment. (Never mind that all of the aforementioned are silly things to tell a person whose heart beats with one singular passion.)

Yes, it is true there is a fence around Stonehenge; however, the rope “fence” is maybe a half metre tall. So, it’s not ruining anyone’s view or photographs. Sure, the fence might prevent me from sauntering into the centre of the stone formation, but I understand we can’t have nice things unless we take care of them. Plus, old stuff sometimes falls apart.

Now I’m off to pencil in a rough date with the Easter Island statues. Please don’t try to tell me why I shouldn’t go.

For more information about touring Stonehenge, particularly if the place sings to your soul, visit: www.thestonehengetour.info.


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