The Wreck

It’s good to be back in the Bay! While the Northern Territory and the Red Centre were magical, it’s time to get back to it! “It” mainly consists of working, splashing around in the sea (surfing, as I call it) and the generally bizarre day-to-day antics that only occur here in Byron.

Not to worry, daily life as I have just hinted is far from ordinary. The proof being my latest feat: skydiving.

Yep. I chose to jump out of a perfectly good airplane for no reason other than to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Call me crazy if you want to but why not try skydiving? Sure something could go wrong, but it doesn’t happen very often. And no one knows how many days they get on this planet anyway. And I continually crave Indiana Jones-style adventure ….

Look, I won’t lie: I held onto an irrational fear for many years related to breaking my legs upon landing after a skydive. When I traveled New Zealand two years ago, I did not jump at Lake Taupo (kicking myself now) as I still foolishly believed I would somehow be  injured or killed.

It was only while selling skydives to backpackers for just over a year in Byron Bay, AU, that my fear started losing its grip.  I observed these “doomed” backpackers returning to the shop after their jumps to use the free wifi — many of them even thanked me for booking this experience for them. These observations and testimonials were the closest thing to a scientific study I was capable of conducting, and my mental tally-sheet showed no one had died within a 12-month span.

My fears melted away.

And the universe responded by presenting the right moment to finally take a leap of faith:

I knew flying would be awesome!
A new perspective on Byron!
He’s laughing because I’m already asking to jump again!

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  1. Bill Guinther says:


    1. Hi, Bill! How”s everything going? Are you guys still doing the annual NHHFA fishing trip? 🙂

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