Quick stop: the coolest guy I’ve ever met!

Thorny Devil

This little devil is simply misunderstood. He has a heart of gold and is actually one of the sweetest and most interesting characters I have met in my travels.

By sheer luck, we spotted this desert dweller on the side of the road and it proved to be one of those brief but unforgettable encounters.

Looking tough is just a survival technique.

While he is a bit mysterious and scary looking, thorny scales merely offer protection from predators. Menacing scales aside, this reptile is pretty calm and moves through life at a relaxed pace; he savors the morning dew through channels in his skin that collect the water and carry it to his mouth. This little guy can also change color to better blend in with his environment, and ants are on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner — somebody has to keep those frantic mini-architects in check!


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