Uluru at last.

Another day in the desert, another sunset! But this one is different. Can you see what’s in the background?

Yes … that’s it! Uluru!

This time it’s real! I have arrived!

The real Uluru!

A few fun facts: Uluru rises 348 meters above the desert floor, which sources say makes it taller than the Chrystler Building in New York City. And much like an iceberg, most of the rock formation remains unseen underground — a mind-bending 6 kilometers (3.75 miles)! If you walked around Uluru, you would be embarking on a 9.4 kilometer  (5.8 miles) stroll in scorching desert heat. (Not advisable.)


For the aboriginal people, Uluru and the neighboring Kata Tjuta rock formations are evidence of how their ancestors created the world. For them, these places are sacred.

And for me these places are sacred thanks to my fellow travelers who made the journey spectacular and left me with so many memories.

Because no one would believe I saw Uluru otherwise!

Next up: Kata Tjuta and King’s Canyon!


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