Of “Fooluru” and life lessons

Mount Conner

Perspective, perspective, perspective.

The practical applications are endless ….

I find it funny how often we deceive ourselves with stories we create about events, people, and places; these narratives are always shaded by our own perceptions and experiences making them tricky by default.

For example: upon approaching a massive rock in the Red Centre, my heart flutters with glee — I have finally made it to Uluru!


There is more than one hunk of rock in the desert, and I am immediately embarrassed when I discover the one pictured above is commonly known as “Fooluru” due to its frequently mistaken identity. So, how could I and so many others make this mistake?

Well, I know in my mind, I built up Uluru as the only significant rock/landmark for vast distances. It’s the iconic image pictured on travel brochures and a highlight everyone buzzes about in passing, thus it’s not difficult to see how perception can be skewed. While this proves to be another occasion to laugh at my own silliness, it is a simple commentary on what we do every single day. The stories we create are often more complex, however, and sometimes we get trapped in them for better or worse ….

While a “good” story is a good story, who wants to be taken in by the Foolurus or give up on dreams because of false narratives with demons too powerful to slay or distances too far to reach?

And so next time, I will challenge the narrative my mind has created — perspective defined in my book.


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