A Camel is a Horse Designed by Committee

Hello, good sir.
A dessert friend

As a traveler, every new destination, every “hello,” brings with it exciting and strange worlds, unknown thrills, and life changing experiences. Along the way there are also ambitions or goals that serve as driving forces for particular adventures ….

I have three goals for my life that are growing ever more important with the passage of time:

1) I want to ride a horse.

 2) I want to ride a camel.

 3) I want to ride an elephant.

Don’t laugh — this is semi-serious and most definitely integral to my development into an enlightened and worldly human being!

Most people are surprised when I tell them I have never ridden a horse. The truth is: I just don’t trust them. Horses have teeth to bite you with, hooves to stomp you with and free will. So, from my perspective, they are a bit dangerous, and horse riding opportunities don’t exactly spring up all the time like they did in the 1700s. I am just as nervous about riding the other animals on my list — why a creature as glorious as an elephant tolerates human handlers at all is beyond me!

Anyhow, I’m traveling from Darwin to Alice Springs not only to see amazing and iconic land formations, but also to meet and ride a lovely camel. Because a goal without a plan and a deadline is just a wish as they say and my existence is defined by living not dreaming.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about destinations along the open road as I conquer the 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) between the Northern Territory and the Red Center.


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