Reflections from the road

Life on the road happens fast. One day you’re at McDonald’s happily hogging their free WiFi and chomping chicken nuggets ….

OK, I can't afford all of the nuggets! (Image: WanderingEarthLost ©)
Image: WanderingEarthLost

And the next day you’re in the bush being terrorized by little blood-sucking fiends (bugs, mostly), wishing your mobile phone had just one more bar of signal to allow a connection to Facebook.

While traveling, a good chunk of each day is spent finding a place to sleep (and maybe a shower), assessing the cleanliness of underwear, figuring out how much vital stuff got left behind at the place you stayed last night, and divining feasts from random food stuffs. Picture this: toast, baked beans, wilting broccoli and half a chocolate bar. Yum! (Don’t get me wrong, I do love wandering the world despite the lack of creature comforts and hollowed out writing time!)

While I have settled in one place for months at a time during my travels, something distinct I have noticed about my lifestyle is the development of a spectacularly distorted sense of time much like a Dali painting:

That's what All the clocks look like!!!
What is time?  (Photo courtesy Google)

Days feel likes weeks, weeks like months, and months like years. And six years abroad still feels like a 10-day holiday that is about to end soon.

Truthfully, so much can happen quite quickly while travelling, and, in effect, a week can hold more upsets and triumphs than some people experience during a normal year of life.

The silver lining: the steaming pile of shit life has offered up today will likely be wiped away by a positively amazing experience tomorrow:

Tongariro Alpine Crossing -- a moment/place I visited in my lifetime that is truly unforgettable.
Tongariro Alpine National Park, NZ — Just an example of one of the truly unforgettable places I have visited so far in my lifetime. (Image copyright Wandering Earth)

The trouble is: while there is always comfort in knowing the struggles of yesterday will pass, the thrills of today can slip away just as innocuously ….

Yet still, as a traveller I keep moving forward in hopes of living the dream that guides my little heart.


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