Anyone for a swim?
Anyone for a swim?


To swim behind, under and around vertical columns of water …

or, less pleasantly, to slip over wet rocks while climbing said natural feature ….

But no matter how you choose to do it, the term “waterfalling” is how I describe the activity of exploring natural swimming pools and falls.

And so, we left Darwin early one fine morning to visit the renowned Litchfield National Park, where, just after checking out massive termite mounds, we investigated the first of several stunning locations:

Florence Falls
Florence Falls
Hiking and lounging about in pristine natural pools proved an excellent change of pace after a few nights out in Darwin!
The Cascades (Photo courtesy “The Little Girl”)
On the way
Over the river and through the woods … wait, that’s not it ….
Lounge lizards enjoying Buley Rockhole (Photo courtesy “The Little Girl”)
Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls is most impressive, but you can’t swim there due to crocodiles. While I didn’t see any super crocs, I did meet this little guy:

Monitor lizard
Monitor lizard

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