My Great Escape to the Northern Territory!

I love the rainy season!

Well, OK, maybe not so much when it’s actually pouring, and the kane toads overrun the streets demonstrating their plague-like numbers.

More so when the rainy season is like this:

Blue  Skies for Miles!
Blue Skies for Miles!

And there’s a pool, complete with crocodile statue, just waiting to be harassed up until 11:59 p.m. (At midnight, the crocodile springs to life and devours any foolish late-night swimmers … probably.)

Just another fake Croc!
Do Not Attempt to Pet Real Crocodiles!

Don’t ask me why I chose to book a major holiday near the end of the wet season in the Northern Territory. It doesn’t seem logical or wise, considering I lived through one of the sloshiest summers *ever* last year in Byron with cyclones/tropical storms happening weekly (only a slight exaggeration, I promise) and constant rain!

Yet, Darwin welcomes me with perfect blue skies and its infamous sweltering heat! With this, my latest Australian adventure starts in a place I previously imagined as a one-horse town — straight out of an old Western film — with tough Aussie blokes and fierce animals that fight for survival as if they have just crawled out of some primordial soup.

Reality, of course, proves a bit different; Darwin is a relatively small but civilized place, maybe with the exception of the backpackers who party as soon as the sun sets! (Grin, grin.)

Darwin Sunset ❤

(The city, interestingly, has had a very difficult history with the British failing 3 times to establish an initial colony due to challenging conditions. Darwin, sadly, was leveled on February 19, 1942, during Japanese air raids;  and if that wasn’t enough, cyclone Tracy wreaked havoc upon the place in 1971 essentially destroying everything again. That makes most of the buildings in the CBD only about 40 years old!)

Beyond simply satisfying my curiosity about Darwin, what brings me to the Northern Territory is the drive to explore the region’s famous national parks: Lichfield and the World Heritage-listed, Kakadu as well as Katherine Gorge. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing during the days to come!


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