2014: Bring on the Adventure!

I’m excited and exploding with fits of glee … not like the American TV show …

more like a small child with a giant scoop of chocolate ice cream on a seemingly tiny cone ….

Or like a hungry bird snagging a big juicy beetle from the Earth ….

Like a driver who lucks into front-row parking in a jam-packed car park ….

Like a dog running free on the beach and bounding into the sea after escaping the hand of its owner ….

Or like a writer who’s found an excuse to abuse the ellipses ….

Like a worm-powered bean, just bursting with energy to escape inadequate conditions ….

Like an adult who gets to relive kindergarten for a day with endless amounts of finger paints and glitter ….

Like a great white shark chomping down on a delicious seal ….

Or like a girl who set out to see the world and got caught in “Never-Never Land.” Yes, it’s actually a real place called Byron Bay, Australia.

Plans are in the works and February brings a big new adventure in the Northern Territory – Darwin to Alice Springs!

Image courtesy Google.
Image courtesy Google.

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