Waya Island: Let the Games Begin!

Waya Island, Yasawas, Fiji. Home of Octopus Resort. *
Waya Island, Yasawas, Fiji. Home of Octopus Resort.*

The name of the game: hermit crab racing. Seriously, this is where the action is in the Yasawas, Fiji, never mind the the gorgeous four-strar resort I stayed at on Waya Island after leaving Southsea. Or the reef I snorkelled from the beach.

Maybe it’s because my Dad took me to the race track when I was little, but animal racing — horses, rabbits, frogs, crabs or whatever — has massive appeal. Calculating odds, placing bets, the short-lived thrill of the win, and the energy of the crowd is intoxicating. (I don’t agree with animal cruelty, but this is an area where I get caught in an ethical tug-of-war. To my knowledge, no hermit crabs were harmed or mistreated during the races.)

It is serious business picking a winner. You can scope out talent all day, but my advice is to just go with your gut.

A Contender?*
A Contender?*

And as the sun set, it was time to turn my attention to serious matters — cocktails and registering hermit crabs for the races.

The Coconut Bar*
The Coconut Bar*

I’m pretty sure they host crab racing events to entertain kids, but I was placing bets at every opportunity while island hopping in the Yasawas ….

The arena.
The Crab Racing Arena*

And this little fella won two sparkling cocktails for placing second in the races:

Lucky #30 - Triple Chocolate Mousse-Cake.
Hermit Crab 30 — Triple Chocolate Mousse-Cake.*

Thank you very much, Triple Chocolate Mousse-Cake!

Perfect mid-morning beverage!
Perfect mid-morning beverage!*

*Images courtesy Anja Buccheim.


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