Quick Stop: Cloudbreak


One of the reasons I stayed in Byron Bay was to chase waves like every other surfer who stumbles upon this chilled out beach town.

So, it’s no surprise a famous surf spot called Cloudbreak quickly caught my imagination as I read about it in my friend’s Fiji Travel Guide on the airplane. Picture it now: no beach, just immense swell springing from what seems like the open sea.

While the surf was bigger than what I’ve seen under normal conditions back in the Bay, it wasn’t quite the massive walls of water I had envisioned.

A Better Surfer Than I*

(If I had bought a surf board upon arriving in Byron and spent the last 7 months surfing instead of drinking, I might have tackled the waves at Cloudbreak that day. Instead, I  watched the surf from the safety of a tinny.)

Now, have a look at “The Best Barrel Ever Cloudbreak” and tell me you wouldn’t have been tempted to travel just to see a wave like that!

*Images courtesy Anja Buccheim.


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  1. Jake Grigsby says:

    thank you for the happy birthday and damn am I jealous! The water is cold and the waves are lame up here. I want waves so big that they can ruin my day 🙂

    1. Haha! You are definitely in the wrong place if you want to be ruined by waves!

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