Fiji: An Accidental Adventure

OK, it wasn’t quite: “I got so drunk the night before my flight, I somehow boarded the wrong plane and woke up in downtown Suva topless,” kind of accidental — I have yet to achieve such scary levels of irresponsibility — but, nonetheless, my trip to Fiji was not planned. It just happened and I couldn’t be happier!

Don’t get me wrong, Fiji was always one of the travel destinations on the list for “someday.” That day just arrived sooner than anticipated when I discovered I was going to have to make what we tourists call a “visa hop.”  (Put simply: the Australian government wouldn’t let me apply for a new visa while I was still wandering about the country.)

And so a compulsory holiday was booked to an exotic destination everyone has vaguely dreamed about while staggering through their soul-numbing daily grind.

Welcome to the Yasawas, Fiji.

(While I make it sound easy, I promise you life for me is more complicated than falling out of bed and landing in some new paradise. We all have our good and bad days!)


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