A Musing: Absent But Not Lost

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay Lighthouse

You still might be curious as to what I was doing in Byron Bay that caused a 7-month stretch of Monk-like silence. “Sure, she travelled the East Coast for a couple of weeks, but seriously, what the hell happened!?” you say.

Well, the answer is pretty simple: I settled into what is the closest form of “normal life” for a traveller. Meaning: I had a full-time, semi-serious job that interfered with surfing, blogging and developing a serious alcohol problem….

And I had a happy little room in what I fondly describe as the “tree house”…. (Still living amongst the tree tops in case you’re wondering.)

And I didn’t wander outside my newly-discovered piece of paradise for anything, leaving little of significant interest to report, or so I thought.

However, a great deal of change has occurred in my life recently, which has spurred a bit more reflection on what it is I’ve learned from recent history. So, I’ve compiled a thorough and detailed list I’d like to share.

Things I’ve learned in the last 7 months:

1) How to avoid and swim out of rip currents.

2) How to drink like a fish and cope with all-day hangovers. (Sorry, Mom, I wasn’t drinking diet coke in all those photos on Facebook.)

3) How to spend my money almost as quickly as I make it.

4) How to live in the moment.

Notes to self:

1) Respect thy mother ocean.

2) Slow down on the drinking because it causes weight gain and premature aging.

3) Stop spending because paying rent and saving money for new adventures is actually worthwhile.

4) Keep working on living each day to the fullest — this truly takes rigorous practice!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonja says:

    Oh I’m flabbergasted…..it wasn’t diet coke?

  2. Denise Beaurivage says:

    I was actually beginning to wonder where you had “wandered off” to now? The lighthouse photo is beautiful. Glad to see all is well with you. Keep us posted along your travels. You are helping us all to see a new world thru your eyes.

    Denise B. NHHFA

    1. Hi, Denise! I’m glad to hear you are enjoying my posts, even if I did leave you all in the dark for awhile. I’m writing quite a bit these days, and I am excited to keep sharing pictures and stories!

      I think about all of you at New Hampshire Housing quite often, and I hope you are all well!!!

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