Still Going Strong!

Yes, I am still alive for those of you that perhaps lost faith once my blog fell silent at the end of 2012. And if you have taken a moment to check out this post, you must be wondering: what’s new?!

Here’s the scoop: just before the holiday season hit, I joined a small caravan of fabulous backpackers and travelled down the East Coast of Australia.

The two must-see destinations on the way down the coast to Sydney are the Whitsunday Islands and Fraser Island.

So, we sailed the Whitsundays and visited one of the world’s most beautiful beaches:

White sands made up of almost pure silica!
Whitehaven Beach

A quick bush walk from the beach revealed amazing views of swirling sands from a lookout point called Hill Inlet.


And further down the coast, we met the dingos of Fraser Island. Fraser also happens to be the world’s largest sand island!

Can you spot the Dingo watching the sunrise?
Can you spot the Dingo watching the sun rise?

This adventure ended gloriously with New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney Harbor and the sobering realization that I had to find a job ….

And so I ran to the smallest, chilled-out surf town in New South Wales called Byron Bay, a place I had fallen in love with when we stopped there over Christmas, and where my odds of finding a job, let alone gainful employment, were next to nothing. (We know by now that I am not a creature ruled by reason.)

X-mas on the beach!
X-mas on the beach!

And yet, here I am months later living amongst the permanent hippies — minus the Santa hat.

I did manage to find a job selling tours to backpackers who were traveling the East Coast just as I did — pretty lucky and overall a fun job while it lasted. However, my working holiday visa expired recently, which lead me to a brief and much welcome adventure in Fiji. Details and photos coming soon!


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