Jerry Maguire Moment: Show Me The Money!

The need to earn money is bearing down on me like a stampede of angry elephants.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t know about Cairns is that it is one of the most difficult places in Australia to land a job while on working holiday due to all the competition from other backpackers.

Discrimination also appears to be the name of the game here. Seriously: if an employer is waiting for a ‘one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater,’ they know all they have to do is wait until one walks in the door — and it will likely only be a matter of days before one needs a job. (I guess it’s a galactic economy now.)

And so I sit for the first three weeks of my stay in Australia bellyaching about unemployment ….

I suspect I am going have some odd job experiences while in Oz — hopefully not quite I’m-wearing-a-giant-hot-dog-costume-in-the-unbearable-heat bad, though no one can predict the future. This dollar bill I earned while bartending back home serves as a reminder and motivational tool for the time being:

Maybe an Australian dollar would work better?

It’s truly the natural wonders in Cairns that will keep me going; and it’s the fantastic beauty of the area that I plan to continue sharing in the coming weeks.


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