Mt. Cook and the Southern Alps

As I head to Mt. Cook, the weather turns overcast and rainy ….

This gorgeous aquamarine lake with a faint rainbow (to the right) is the last thing we see before heading into the mist:

Water should always be this color!

I am disappointed about the gloomy weather as I am only staying in the mountains overnight before making my way to earthquake-shaken Christchurch. The visibility proves so poor one would not even know Mt. Cook and rest of the Southern Alps are concealed, quietly waiting to be unveiled once again. I am given little hope that the weather will clear. (Check out the Maori creation story for the Southern Alps.)

However, I awoke this morning to a fantastic surprise:

Well, hello Mt. Cook!
The Southern Alps
Just a quick close-up.

I am so grateful to see this amazing scenery just before leaving leaving New Zealand! I have experienced everything I had hoped to throughout this leg of my journey and heaps more.


As I head into Christchurch, I have no idea what to expect. I have seen pictures of the earthquake damage and heard stories about the impacts. There are even reports that the area experiences small tremors on a daily basis.

Due to this information, I have chosen to avoid exploring the city. Instead, I will be boarding a plane bound for Cairns, AU, tomorrow, and I am filled with a strange mix of excitement and sadness ….


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