Mitre Peak: Cashews Don’t Do It Justice

The Deep South is much cooler than the rest of New Zealand, and I’ve started dreaming of the much warmer tropical climate of my intended working-holiday destination in Australia: Cairns.

None-the-less, I embark on a boat cruise to explore Milford Sound and see Mitre Peak — set in glacial hanging valleys and reported by some to be the “eighth wonder of the world.” I had not heard of the place before landing on New Zealand’s Southern Island, but I have built a model out of tasty honey-roasted cashews for a theoretical (yet ugly) representation what I expect to see.

Mitre Peak of Cashews: Ninth Wonder of the World?

Yes, the actual Mitre Peak should be taller ….

Unfortunately, the early morning lighting doesn’t prove ideal for taking photographs within Milford Sound; I do get a neat snapshot of the boat sitting almost underneath a waterfall!

Hey, I’m getting misted here!

And of course, the famous Mitre Peak is easy to spot!

Mitre Peak

I am pushing on onward to Mount Cook, a hunk of rock with a reputation that definitely precedes it! And really that’s it — just a few more quick stops and I will be catching a plane to Oz (Australia) from Christchurch.


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  1. dsmith5444 says:

    You go girl! It does my heart good to see you exploring life to its fullest. Remember you have friends back on this side of the planet.

    1. Hi, Dan! Thanks for the kind words! I have had a bit more time to write lately — probably to the point of overdoing it in terms of blog posts. 🙂 I do intend to be writing friends and family more, too! I’ll be in touch soon!

  2. Jane Law says:

    You’re right, the cashews don’t do Mitre Peak justice! They were a good attempt, though! I’m impressed! I hope you’re doing well. By the way…I liked your recent introspective post. Some good thoughts there.

    1. Thanks, Jane! I just felt compelled to put some thoughts down on paper a few days ago — it turned into a productive exercise.

      And for what it’s worth, I enjoyed eating my cashew model of Mitre Peak but nothing beats the real thing!

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