A Musing: Why Travel The World?

Sydney, Australia

Some would call me crazy (and did!) for giving up my established, secure existence in a developed country with “liberty and justice for all.”

To be fair, my life in the States was conformable, I stood on my own two feet and I did not need for anything ….

Surviving Roman Aqueduct, Segovia, Spain

Except that one day I realized I wanted more: I wanted the world — and not in the I-plan-to-take-it-over sense of the phrase. I simply awoke from a deep sleep, like a Disney princess, and knew it was time to experience beyond what I’ve always known. It was time to stop living for one week of vacation each year. It was time to move away from the story of how life “should be” and see what happens.

The Grand Canyon, Nev., USA

Truthfully, things have the propensity to get messy when you dare to step outside the box. My life today is characterized by a sense of instability — almost guaranteed change — and an influx of people I will know for only a brief moment in time. These are the things of nightmares for most.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Yet, I still wouldn’t change the decision I made many months ago to give everything up and travel. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now — experiencing new cultures and seeing the wonders of the world.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

I can’t say that the reasons for traveling are the same for each individual, but I am starting to reflect deeply on my experiences thus far and establish future goals. What I have observed and what I want to put down for reference are the following ideas (that some literary figure has likely already jotted down in more eloquent prose with proper parallel structure):

1) Be open to what the Universe has to offer.

2) People make the journey, no matter how far you stray.

3) Nothing is forever, especially when speaking in terms of health, money and the sense of “security” that the daily grind of “normal” life appears to provide.

4) There is no “correct” way to live.

5) Make every day count by living with purpose — a passion that motivates.

So many places, so little time.

In the coming installations of my blog, I will be wrapping up my New Zealand travel and delving into my make-shift life in Australia. Plans are in the works to visit Asia while I’m on this side of the planet, so stay tuned!


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  1. truetravelingtales says:

    I have just sat and read quite a bit of your blog and just thought I’d let you know I think it’s fantastic 😉

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