Queenstown: A Majestic Blur

Another stunning vista!

Queenstown is located on the shore of Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by the breathtaking Majestic Mountains; it is by far my favorite place in New Zealand!

With Lake Wakatipu and the mountains at my fingertips, I had the opportunity to kayak, take a boat cruse, ride a gondola into the mountains, go parasailing and go mountainboarding. I hear there is also plenty of fun to be had in winter when the snowfields attract skiers and snowboarders. And in spring, the lupines bloom, transforming the mountains.

Looking a bit closer.

Unlike some other places in the world, Queenstown doesn’t come with an informative tagline such as “the city that never sleeps” or “what happens here stays here.” While it is a resort town, there are more bars and restaurants than one can possibly hope to explore in the course of a week (even with the aid of a pub crawl or two)! In fact, stumbling back to the hotel like a zombie at 4 or 5 a.m. is really just a sign that one merely made the most of an evening and likely stopped to have a delectable FergBurger to avoid alcohol poisoning. (The second best burger I’ve had in my life with the Fat Tui in Abel Tasman taking first place!)

The downside of the 24/7 partying is the sudden detox accompanied by checking the old bank account balance — I haven’t even mentioned the diverse shops that offer almost everything one can need or want.

All kidding aside, it is the natural features and activities beyond the pub that push Queenstown into the top five on my list of traveling destinations …..


Next stop: The Deep South. This statement would normally incite fear if I were still in the United States, but I am confident that New Zealand will have even more amazing sights to offer!


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