Franz Joseph: Don’t Forget About Fox!

Fox Glacier

Franz Joseph is a quaint little town — so small in fact that I was told I could drink myself under the table and try to get get lost on the walk home and fail at … well … failing. I didn’t feel the need to conduct such an experiment since it quickly became apparent that this statement was indeed correct.

Upon arriving in town, I discovered the only way to explore Franz Joseph glacier was by heli/hike since a piece of glacier broke off, effectively destroying the established footpath. Since I find nothing appealing about paying hundreds of dollars to board a helicopter, which is held up by magic in my opinion, I opted to hop on a shuttle and visit Fox Glacier. Fox is just short drive from Franz Joseph and the glacier is just as spectacular. Best of all: no helicopter ride required!

Though I was excited to walk on a glacier, I was worried about a few things:

1) Sliding off the glacier and breaking my limbs

2) Sliding into a crevasse and freezing to death

3) Being hit by shrapnel from an exploding nearby helicopter …. (yeah, that’s a thing with me.)

With the help of an experienced tour guide, crampons, and a little faith, I managed to avoid all of these potential outcomes. Instead, I had a great day walking about on very old ice while learning about glacial features.

Through the looking glass …. or ice cave.

There were quite a few neat nooks and crannies to see. The blue color of the ice was exceptional!

Don’t leave me in here!
Feeling blue, yet?
Grip and grin: I have permission to hold this ice.
The glacial valley below

The journey through New Zealand’s Southern island brings more fantastic sights each day! I can only imagine what’s next as I continue onward ….



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