Abel Tasman: Don’t Miss the FAT Tui

Life is a beach these days!

Abel Tasman National Park is a world heritage site and is definitely worth exploring for its golden beaches, granite sea cliffs, marine life and lush forest.

I opted to hop in a kayak, since it’s one of the best ways to see and enjoy the park, and spent my day paddling around.

My Yellow Submarine

While I was a near one of the small islands, I saw a handful of very cute baby seals!

Can you spot the seal?

To my surprise, I also observed numerous large pink jellyfish hovering in the water. I didn’t know what kind they were, but still found myself hoping the kayak stayed upright throughout the trip … (it did!).

And now to explain the title of this post ….

While I wouldn’t necessarily advocate going to a national park solely to visit a burger joint, the “Fat Tui” is definitely worth checking out if you plan to be in the area. Seriously, these burgers are the best I have ever had and I feel they even trump the well-known Ferg Burger from Queensland; and sinking my teeth into a delicious burger was a great way to recover from an action-packed day.

(In case you’re wondering what a “tui” is, it’s a bird native to New Zealand. Tuis have the ability to mimic other birds, and they are even capable of mimicking human speech. I met a tui at a wildlife sanctuary, and it sounded very eerie when the bird uttered  the phrase: “What for?”)

Next stop: Franz Joseph Glacier!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sonja McMahon says:

    Had to expand the photo to see the seal! Time for new glasses.

    1. That seal was pretty hard to see. Taking pictures while paddling a kayak and keeping everything dry is a skill I need to continue perfecting …..

  2. jandonner says:

    Amazing photos. I am glad to go along as a armchair tourist!

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