Wandering Wellington

Three days in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, was more than enough.

Wellington was established as the nation’s capital city in the 1800s due to its central location and to prevent the Southern Island from becoming its own country once gold was discovered in the region. (It was likely going to be unwise to have the government located in the south where all the wealth was concentrated at that time.)

I won’t delve into too much detail, but Wellington is not my favorite city in the world. Many Kiwis hold Wellington in high regard and are often quick to put down Auckland …. Yet, even with its urban sprawl and heavy commuter traffic, I find Auckland to be more attractive, brighter and safer.

To broaden my perspective of the area, I tried looking at the bigger picture by hiking to the top of Mt. Victoria. Morale improved  slightly:

The view from Mt. Victoria
I did make every effort to experience the city by wandering Cuba street — a unique mix of shopping, dinning, and homeless — and exploring the downtown area including Civic Square. I hopped on a cable car and visited botanical gardens with flowers past bloom (apparently summer is the best time to stop in). And I even ate in a busy little restaurant where I watched a waitperson cut their finger, lick the wound and then slip into the kitchen ….

Aside from spending one glorious afternoon happily lost in Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, I was more than ready to board the ferry and make my passage to the Southern Island; I didn’t come to this country to dwell in its cities anyway!

Next stop: Abel Tasman National Park and the Fat Tui.


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