Sailing Lake Taupo

I’ve arrived at Lake Taupo and I’ve decided this is a great little town to hang out in for a few days!

Of course, one of the best ways to experience Lake Taupo is to get out on the water. I chose to take a three hour spin in a “yacht” — don’t get too excited, this is just the Kiwi word for sailboat ….

Sailing away!

The town of Taupo is actually settled on the caldera of a super volcano that last erupted in 181 AD …. I’ve heard that’s also when the hobbits and fairies went extinct in New Zealand (kidding!). The eruption, however, is reputed to be the largest witnessed by humans.

Lake Taupo is a freshwater lake, and it is a natural trout fishery. The lake’s maximum depth is 185 meters (610 feet), it is 46 km (29 miles) long and it is 33 km (21 miles) wide. The lake is so massive that some countries/states in the USA could fit inside it!

Lake Taupo … well, a portion of it!

Out on the lake are carvings that are worth a look. These images were etched into stone about 32 years ago by Maori master carvers and were a gift to the people of Taupo.

The carvings

Lastly, another pretty sunset on the way back “home:”

I hope there aren’t any lake monsters ….

Once I leave Taupo it will be time to tackle the Tongariro Crossing, described as a seven hour “walk.” This is something I’ve been looking forward to and I can’t wait to walk the rim of a volcano!


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