A Walk in the Rain: Cathedral Cove

After venturing to the Far North, it’s time to officially embark south and leave Auckland behind. That’s right, I’m heading on to see “real” New Zealand!

My first stop is on the east coast of the central northern island, a place on the Coromandel Peninsula called Hahei. Unfortunately, the sun has gone missing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hike in the rain — barefoot to perserve my pristine sneakers!

Mud is good for the skin!

The goal of spending a night in Hahei is to make the two hour hike down to Cathedral Cove. The scenery would have been breathtaking on a sunny day, but the dark, ominous beach created a strange dream world on the way to the cove. (Some of these photos have been intentionally softened for artistic effect.)

The brooding beach ...

A little rain forest ...
A few friends ...
Cathedral Cove

As much as I would like to try and ride out the weather to see the cove on a good day, I think I will follow the sun and move on to Raglan, which is on the west coast of the central northern island. Raglan is a world famous surf spot and I’m ready to catch some waves!


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  1. Denise Beaurivage says:

    Only one word……..BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for sharing,


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