A Taste of Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is gorgeous and large enough to spend several days exploring its beaches and vineyards. This paradise is a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland, making it a convenient escape from the city.

I think I’m going to let my pictures tell the story today:

Waiheke Island: View from Matiatia Warf
An open vineyard door is an invitation ....
Liquid lunch
Beach time!
Shells ... to collect or not to collect ....

What a hard day at the office!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim Jervis says:

    Wow! The water looks really calm in the picture you posted. Maybe you’re just really far away? I checked out the Island web site and it looks like fun. Did you see any bowling going on? lol Do you plan to do any diving or snorkeling? Check out this link for things to do. (I’m sure you already did…) http://waiheke.aucklandnz.com/things-to-do/activities.html

    Talk soon.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I was only really on Waiheke Island for a day. I did try to do some sea kayaking, but they didn’t have enough people that day to organize a tour. I was happy to do a little wine tasting and walk the beach. The surf was fairly calm that day, but I’m sure it changes based on conditions. I would love to go back to Waiheke Island and spend a few nights there, and I would recommend the same to anyone!

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