Hiking Mt. Eden … Just Do It!

View of the crater at the summit

This extinct volcano is a great place to visit, once again for it’s views. I made the trek from Verandah’s Backpacker Lodge when I stayed there in 2010 and again a few days ago, but here are a few tips if you’ve never hiked it before and are lucky enough to be within walking distance:

1) Wear your walking/hiking shoes. Flip flops kill.

2) Bring twice as much water as you think you’ll need because it’s uphill both ways. At least there’s no snow!

3) Bring an oxygen tank. Kidding! Sort of ….

4) Leave any extra weight behind. You’ll find just getting yourself, some water and a camera to the top is enough work!

5) Bring your camera!

Even though I think I’m in decent shape, I had to adopt an “I think I can, I think I can” attitude for making it to the summit a second time. What amazes me is that locals hike and run up and down Mt. Eden like it’s nothing. So don’t feel bad if a guy with a beer belly and a small child on his back pass you up on the way to the top ….

Dusk ....

A few more things to do before leaving Auckland to head to the Far North: pay visits to Rangitoto and Waiheke islands.


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