Going up! The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an attraction I skipped when I stayed in Auckland briefly in 2010, but this time I decided I needed to get to the top ….

The Tower is 328 meters high (or about 1,076 feet), and it is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand:

Yep, it's tall!

In my opinion, the Sky Tower is a bit of a tourist trap since it’s also a casino/entertainment complex, but the views are worth spending the $28 NZ if you can afford it. Sadly, the still shots below don’t quite do the experience justice!

Auckland Bridge/harbor view
Island view

Certain areas of the observatory deck had Plexiglas flooring, which was a little disturbing to walk over — I did it anyway and lived to tell the tale!

Next I’m off to Mt. Eden, another extinct volcano nestled in Auckland, to catch the sunset!


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