A Tale of Two Volcanoes

During my first full day of exploration in Auckland, I decided to hop on the ferry over to Davenport, a nearby suburb.

Davenport is a historic village, dating from the mid-1800s, and it is home to people who are third and fourth generation relatives of the original settlers (The guide informed us that everybody knows everybody in town.).

At the heart of the community, there is a charming downtown with many cafe’s and shops. But what’s more interesting are the two extinct volcanoes in the area that offer amazing views of Auckland and its surrounds. One of the volcanoes, North Head, is home to a naval fort that boasts an extensive history of its own.

View from the top of North Head:

360 degree view ....

In the distance is Rangitoto Island, which formed around 600 years ago.

Auckland side
Cheltenham Beach

In addition to the lovely view of the beach below, you can also still see the leftover guns that were set up at North Head to defend the area during various conflicts including both World Wars.

Broken guns

After visiting North Head, we traveled to Mt. Victoria, and the view from the top was even more spectacular:

If only I could capture all 360 degrees ....

At Mt. Victoria, the little toadstools pictured below were a fun detail. We were told they serve as vents for an underground water holding tank.

Can you find the 1up plant?

Next stop: Sky Tower!


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  1. Denise Beaurivage says:

    Hi, I just realized that I have some connections in NZ….. Email me to let me know if you are interested.


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