Cafe Cat Welcomes You to Auckland, NZ!

I landed in Auckland, NZ, today at 5 a.m., and managed to make it through customs without a hitch!

Upon getting to my hostel and finding out the office doesn’t open until 8 a.m., I went to a cute little cafe on Ponsonby Road. Oddly, the establishment had a free-range cat — now dubbed Cafe Cat — and it watched me eat my French toast as if it were a dog. When I put my silverware down to have a sip of tea, Cafe Cat jumped up on the table to get after my vanilla creme and cherry compote. Not welcome!

After having breakfast with cat, who eventually settled down on one end of the table to watch and half nap, I realized that all animals find it wise to be near me while I’m eating ….

Anyway, it’s great to be back, especially since the area I’m staying in is familiar. The only items on the docket today are getting organized (particularly, figuring out why I have too many pairs of pants, not enough tops, no socks and an “I survived Warrior Dash” medal), doing some laundry, and eating a large plate of New Zealand’s green mussels.


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