The War on Knick-Knacks

It has been an adventure the past few weeks rehoming my dog and unloading furniture and other items I will no longer need while I’m traveling the world.

That said, it still amazes me how one person manages to collect all these things in the first place. Some of these items, we “need” to function, of course, but most we have convinced ourselves are necessary because we like them, and somehow they make us feel good, or they make an important statement about who were are as individuals. (Does your new toaster really make you a better human being?)

Well, I am here to say that selling this:

Yeah, it's a little ugly ...

is no easier than selling this:

So modern and unique!

or perhaps this:

This will be worth something someday.

Through this de-cluttering process, it has become apparent to me that if you haven’t used something or worn a particular article of clothing in about six months, there’s a good chance you are better off parting with it it. Oh, and stuff is just stuff  and not an extension of who I am as a person!

As for the knick-knacks: darn those cute little dohickeys and whosawatsits that have required dusting every day! They may be visually appealing but they are as easily dispatched as Pez candies. However, I vow to resist their charm in the future ….

Over the years, I have clearly been busy anchoring myself in a specific place by gathering things I don’t need and squireling yet more items away into storage spaces for a day when they might be become integral to my survival on this planet. (Yes, the Yoda bobble-head included.)

Yet, I am pleased to report that I am winning the war I have carefully waged, and it has been a therapeutic and freeing endeavor as opposed to a scary, damaging and life threatening process — which is what most people tend to assume is the case when they hear words trigger words such as: moving, downsizing, and stop hoarding!


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  1. Jaime Ann says:

    Good point, I have a ton of knick-knacks, and it seems i move alot, so I always end up packing and repacking them and moving them here and there. The last few moves I have gotten rid of more and more stuff. It is hard, because it does in a way represent you. But it is a freeing feeling to be rid of the burden of “stuff”.

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